About PACE

About The Professional Academy of Custody Evaluators (PACE)

Since 1991, the Professional Academy of Custody Evaluators (PACE) has been recognized as a national mental health professional organization. PACE certifies qualified mental health professionals to practice the specialties of Custody Evaluator and/or Parenting Coordinator. These individuals hold the credentials of NCCE (Nationally Certified Custody Evaluator) and NCPC (Nationally Certified Parenting Coordinator). PACE also certifies attorneys to practice the specialty of Parenting Coordinator. Attorneys hold the credential of NCPC (Nationally Certified Parenting Coordinator).

Our roots run deep, and our members come from such prestigious organizations as: The American Psychological Association, The American Counseling Association, The American Psychiatric Association, The National Association of Social Workers, The American Mental Health Counselors Association, The American Medical Association, The Association for Conflict Resolution, The American Bar Association, and the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

The Professional Academy of Custody Evaluators’ Leadership

The PACE Executive Operating Committee

Barry Bricklin, Ph.D. Chair

Gail Elliot, Ph.D. Vice Chair

John J, Hare, Jr., Esq. Secretary/Treasurer

The Professional Academy of Custody Evaluators' Leadership

Dr. Barry Bricklin, and Dr. Gail Elliot, two of the founding members of PACE

~~Dr. Bricklin is a psychologist in private practice. He is an Adjunct Associate Professor at Widener University and has previously served on the faculty of Jefferson University and Hahnneman University. He has served as a consultant in psychology to the Walter Reed Army Hospital Research Center, to the United States Army, to the New York Academy of Medicine, and to the Columbia Broadcasting System.

~~He is past president of the Philadelphia Society for Personality Assessment and the Philadelphia Society of Clinical Psychologists. He has authored books and articles on prognosis in schizophrenia, marital compatibility, epilepsy, the psychology of affiliation, predicting violence and aggression, diet techniques, role-play techniques, hypnosis in surgery, the intercultural use of the Rorschach test, and, of course, custody evaluations.

~~Among the results of his cooperative ventures with his wife Dr. Patricia M. Bricklin are numerous articles and three books. Two of their books have been best sellers, Bright Child-Poor Grades: The Psychology of Underachievement, and Strong Family-Strong Child.

~~Dr. Bricklin created the original scoring system for the Hand Test, and co-authored, with Dr. Zygmunt A. Pietrowski, several articles on prognostic criteria for persons suffering from schizophrenia.

~~For over 25 years, Dr. Bricklin has developed various data-based approaches to the decisions which must be made when parents divorce. He is the author of The Custody Evaluation Handbook published by Brunner/Mazel. One of his tests, the Bricklin Perceptual Scales (BPS), is the most-used custody evaluation test for children.

~~Dr. Bricklin is presently Chair of the Executive Operating Committee of the Professional Academy of Custody Evaluators (PACE).

Click here to visit Dr. Bricklin’s website (there is a form at the site where you can ask Dr. Bricklin questions): Dr. Barry Bricklin, Ph.D.


~~Dr. Gail Elliot is Head, Child Development and Family Processes Research, Bricklin Associates, the Vice Chair of the Professional Academy of Custody Evaluators and a psychologist in private practice. She has served as a consultant to public and private schools and coordinated multidisciplinary treatment plans. She was responsible for devising for Bricklin Associates an information-processing oriented educational therapy technique and a comprehensive college entrance service for children with serious motivational problems and low self-esteem problems.

~~Dr. Elliot authored a chapter on post-divorce research for The Custody Evaluation Handbook (Brunner/Mazel) and co-authored Parent Perception of Child Profile (PPCP), a widely used custody evaluation instrument. She was responsible for much of the research behind the Bricklin custody instruments. In late 1997 Dr. Elliot co-authored, with Dr. Bricklin, The Forensic Home-Visit Kit and authored Assessment of Parenting Skills: Infant and Preschooler (APSIP).

Click here to visit Dr. Elliot’s website: Dr. Gail Elliot  

Coreen H. Boeding, Ph.D. CO

Naughne’ L. Boyd, Ph.D. WA

Roy W. Bradbury, Ph.D. CA

Paul J. Cardoza, Ed.D. GA

David B. Clark, Ph.D. MO

Demetri Dres, Psy.D. IL

Nancy A. Eiswirth, Ph.D. CT

Frederick P. Ferri, Ph.D. OH

Alan S. Gordon, Ed.D. NJ

Wayne J. Graves, Ph.D. OH

Roger P. Hatcher, Ph.D. IL

Carl F. Hoppe, Ph.D. CA

Thomas L. Hustak, Ph.D. OH

Richard A. Hutchison, Ph.D. IL

Christopher Howard Lane, Ph.D. VA

David B. Liberman, Ph.D. CA

John Burke Mealy, Ph.D. MD

Joan R. Nuttall, Ph.D. WI

Carroll D. Roland, Ph.D. IA

James E. Stark, Ph.D. GA

William B. Zuckerman, Ph.D. VA